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The Synonym for Ramanavami

The onset of every Ramanavami in Bangalore brings a tsunami of Musical feast that is served with an essence of raga, the spirit of tala and the emotion of Bhava. From the past 7 & half decades we at Sree Ramaseva Mandali, have dedicated ourselves for the growth of the rich Cultural heritage of this country by conducting Sree Ramanavami National Music Festivals with a rich and colourful fare of cultural programmes in which artistes from all parts of the world participate.

Did you know ?

The Ramanavami National Music Festival, organised by the Mandali is the largest Indian Classical Music Festival, with over a lakh of people witnessing it for a period of 31 days


Mandali and Music

The Mandali has been singularly fortunate in our endeavour that all highly eminent & renowned artistes have consistently performed at the Mandali. Bharata Ratna Smt.M.S.Subbalakshmi has given 30 concerts in the Mandali, the highest that she has performed in any Music festival. The Mandali enjoys a rare status as a unique Spiritual platform to perform, it has acquired national stature and has gained wide acceptance both by Artistes & Music lovers. Ramanavami is what December is to Chennai and the redit goes to Late Sri S V Narayanaswamy Rao our beloved founder, who built an organisation that is equal to the whole of December Music Season

Did you know ?

Mandali is the only cultural organisation to have 3 Presidents of India and 4 Vice Presidents of India Inaugurating our Music Festivals. Over 15,000 artistes have performed in the Ramanavami Celebrations.


Ramanavami National Music Festival

The Mandali celebrates the birth a lord Rama with a month long National Music Festival, wherein over a lakh people participate in the season. Over 300 artistes of National & International fame participate. This 31 days long music extravaganza is conducted in a mammoth Pandal, which can accommodates over 7000 people. We are very proud to say that the festival will witness the gathering of the most elite audience of Bangalore.

Did you know ?

Sri Rajagopalachari, the then Governor General of India had requested Sri S V Narayanaswamy Rao to conduct Ramanavami Celebrations only in the Pandal and not in any auditorium. Rajaji gave Mandali the title Temple of Music


Fund Crunch

The Mandali is not rich as its history. Organising such a mammoth festival costs us about 75 lakhs. The ever escalating costs has become unmanageable. The reduction in the patronage of Government has added to our troubles. The Mandali will have around 15 lakhs of overdraft every year. Hence we have decided that its high time for us to attain financial stability, in order to continue our vision of preserving, protecting and promoting music.

Did you know ?

The Golden Jubilee of the Mandali was celebrated with a 54 days Music concert series and the Diamond Jubilee wascelebrated with a 64 days Music concert series....


About Fund Mandali campaign!!

The Mandali, now feels that it is high time that we attain a financial stability that will allow us to continue our service to Music. Hence we have planned for creation of a Corpus fund, which will strengthen our hands to contribute to the world of music in a larger way. The Mandali will use the interest earned from the corpus to Celebrate Ramanavami National Music Festival.

Did you know ?

Once, Dr S Radhakrishnan, the then President of India Inaugurated the Ramanavami Celebrations from New Delhi with a 45 minutes long speech that was live streamed in All India Radio, when he was not able to come down to Bangalore due to bad health


How can you help Mandali??

‘The Temple of Music’ needs the help of Rasikaas for its growth. Growth and prosperity for music. People can support us by donating any amount they wish to or people can recommend their friends to fund Mandali. People will be awarded points for donating and recommending friends. The people can redeem their points by accessing Tyagaraja radio of the Mandali, which has over 1 lakh hours of rarest Indian classical Music concerts*.

Did you know ?

The Mandali is the only cultural organization to have 3 Presidents of India and 4 Vice Presidents of India Inaugurating our Music FestivalsDonating Mandali won’t take longer than 5 minutes!!! Complete these 5 steps to fund Mandali!!


Tyagaraja Radio

It’s an enterprise of the Mandali which aims in preaching music. Sree Ramaseva Mandali is blessed to have recordings of over 1,00,000 hours of concerts that were organised in the brief period of 77years. Rasikaas can get access* to this radio by earning points thru this website.

Did you know ?

Bharata Ratna Smt. M S Subbalakshmi’s 3 hours concert at the Mandali was live streamed in the All India Radio, which was the first of its kind in India.

Cultural Endowments*:

The Mandali, could not have achieved what it has without the help of our Dear Music Rasikas. We are indeed blessed to have the best of them. The individual people who are looking into sponsoring music concert in memory of their beloved ones can do so. Along with a concert being sponsored, they will receive passes from the Mandali. The number of passes that the Mandali will send will be mentioned in the Declaration given by the Mandali.

Did you know ?

The Karnataka Postal Circle in honour of Mandali’s service to Music, Has released a special ‘My Stamp’ which contains the Pandal Photo and the photo of lord Hanuman


One time Corporate Endowment:

The Mandali, could survive all these years thanks to various corporates who have been patronising us. Our celebrations will be attended by thousands of people who belong to the most elite community. So our celebrations are indeed the best platform to exhibit your companies’ profile. The Mandali has one of the best advertising designs in the music industry. A Led TV is also being procured to benefit our donors. Instead of yearly sponsorships, the corporates can go for a one time sponsorship* which is of the following categories: 1) Title Sponsor 2) Associate Sponsor 3) Music Concerts Sponsor 4) Main Sponsor 5) Music Series Sponsor 6) Music Concert Sponsor

Did you know ?

You can avail free passes if you get donations worth of Rupees Twenty Five thousand and more *


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